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The financial legal insurance needs of people change as they age. National Association of Senior Advocates provides a directory of advisers who specialize in these areas.

NAOSA.org is the trusted source for ethical professionals specializing n the unique needs of older adults.

In the Financial category we provide advisers in the area of Accounting, Bank and Credit Union, Investment Advisory Services, Mortgage Loans, Reverse Mortgage (HECM), Annuities, Financial Advisor, Retirement Planning, and Stocks and Bonds Broker. The category of ‘Daily Money Manger’ is one that is geared to senior citizens. Often a friend or family member is tasked with this responsibility, and all too often, a ‘new friend’ gets involved in the daily money management of a senior and it leads to theft and fraud. Having a formal ‘Daily Money Manager’ in this situation can be very helpful and protect against tragic situation.

In the area of law, we have a legal category where you will find lawyers and law firms with different specialties.

In the Insurance category there are a number of areas of specialty. Life Insurance is a common form of coverage, and here you will find many who offer this coverage. Medicare Advantage Insurance is specialty coverage. You will find this type of coverage here. Burial Insurance is not a popular subject, but death is inevitable, and having insurance for this WHEN it happens will be appreciated by family members. Long Term Care insurance takes some foresight and planning, but can be very important to the financial stability of a family when the situation arises.

At the end of the day, using the resources at NAOSA to help you find the right financial legal insurance advisers will help you and your family make sound decisions.