It’s Better to Stay Safe Than Be Sorry!

Today is a time of development, growth and revolution – as we all know, technology has empowered us in so many incredible ways. However, there is a negative side to the proliferation of technology as well:  scams are on the rise.

Every week there emerges a new scam with innocent people as victims. We are the National Association of Senior Advocates (NAOSA), an organization dedicated to creating awareness about scams and unethical business practices.  NAOSA wants to ensure that people of all generations stay guarded from these dangerous scams. If you think you are smart enough to avoid these scams, be assured the scammers are many steps

Scams are disastrous for all people, but are particularly catastrophic to the senior community. It is often very difficult to distinguish between a scam and a valid offer.  The primary focus of NAOSA is to create awareness among people about the prevalent scams, and to know how we can all protect ourselves and avoid them.

There are plenty of scams that are specifically targeted to older adults. Here are just a few:
– Counterfeit Prescription Drugs
– Health Care/Medical/Health Insurance Fraud
– Funeral and Cemetery Scams
– Telemarketing Scams
– Sweepstakes and Lottery Scams
– Fraudulent Anti-Aging Products
– Internet Fraud
– Homeowner or Reverse Mortgage Scams
– Investment Schemes
– The “Grandparent” Scam

We Work to Ensure a Safer World for Older Adults and All Consumers
We guard seniors, and really all consumers, from unethical business practices that take place across so many industries and professions. We at NAOSA work tirelessly to ensure that no one falls prey to these scams. We are determined to offer reliable, steady and trustworthy solutions and information to provide safety and peace of mind.

Become an NAOSA consumer member free of charge to protect yourself and your senior loved ones – you have nothing to lose! Once you are a consumer member, you will receive updates and crucial information to stay aware of scams and dishonest business providers.
We happily offer these services for free!

The Golden Years
The professional experts of NAOSA pledge to always act in the best interests of clients. Our top priority is to serve and protect our expanding senior community. People work hard their entire lives to enjoy their golden years. Unfortunately, in today’s world, one scam can destroy years of savings and unravel retirement plans and funds – one scam can drain all your energy, your hard-earned dollars and leave you feeling hopeless and in despair.  NAOSA does its best to ensure our senior community stays safe from the predatory and cunning minds of unscrupulous people.

This is what you can do:
Protect yourself now so that you will have no regrets later.  Refer your friends and family to NAOSA.  Stay informed. Stay protected. Join NAOSA.
We’re here to serve and help you!

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